Terra-Cotta Tiles

Beautify your walls, both indoor and outdoor with our terra-cotta tiles to provide a natural and elegant brick effect. Terra-Cotta tiles provide a one-time finish for walls, ensuring that you do not have to re-paint, or re-plaster.

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Build with bricks! From small ovens to large factories, CT has the capacity to supply you with high quality clay bricks to save you the trouble of plastering, painting and re-painting!

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CT Filtron

CT Filtron Water Filters lets you take control of your life. You will come to trust what you drink when you are in control of it. Tested to be of high quality by Ghana Standards Board, CSIR, Ghana Medical School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), CT Filtron is guaranteed for three years to filter your water free of harmful bacteria and other toxins.

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Ceramica Tamakloe Limited

Ceramica Tamakloe (CT) started operations 22 years ago at Adenta, outside of Accra, Ghana. The company started business producing glazed tableware for local customers. After it ceased production of glazed ware entirely in 1995, CT expanded to become a big player in the Ceramics industry in Ghana. Since 2003 CT has invested in equipment to produce architectural ceramics namely terra cotta wall tiles, clay roof tiles or bamboo roofing tiles, bricks and other products. Around the same time, CT, along with partners, started production of Ceramic Water Filters. With the present equipment and production capacity CT is ready to produce 14,000 square Meters of terra cotta wall tiles and over 3,000 water filters every month.